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02/02/2015 22:07:55
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Sun Pegasus
Ahhh, my gorgeous Sun Pegasus gives me tingles all over my scalp. I love him and am so happy to have him in my life. You're a marvel Blu <3
12/31/2015 19:23:12
Buyer: curious (5 )
Athena's Owl Sentry
Blu's Entities are fabulous. I'm pretty insensitive at the moment, but I always feel something with Blu's. My beautiful Owl Sentry is helping to keep me safe on the road when I travel, which is marvelous in itself. Thank you Blu!
12/31/2015 19:21:14
Buyer: curious (5 )
Athena's Owl Lookout
Saturday-Tuesday: Felt a feathery touch, on the middle of my chin. On the top of my forehead, for a couple minutes, just doing S.'s thing. Up above my top lip. Around my nose & on my left eye. Very interesting, but also pretty cool too, thanks Blu. I wasn't sure who's evidence this all was, but I asked if this was G.'s doing, nothing, then asked S., got a simple touch, on my right hand.
12/16/2015 08:13:21
Buyer: jjlove (0)
Athena's Owl Familiar
Athena's Owl Familiar
A couple days after I'd purchased G., I'd felt a minor peck, on my left index finger, but it seems like he's just been observing, ever since. Thanks Blu!
12/16/2015 07:17:01
Buyer: jjlove (0)
Leviathan's Water Beast
I have 2 spirits from Blu and i absolutely love them all!!
11/29/2015 19:45:29
Buyer: furrybunny (0)
Athena's Owl Familiar
Athena's Owl Familiar
Excellent communication and lighting fast service. My owl familiar was a very strong calling and her presence is intensely felt. When she's around, opening my third eye seems effortless and I immediately become more sensitive to the other spirits in my care. I would strongly recommend this binding to other keepers both new and veteran alike. Thank you!
11/01/2015 18:16:38
Buyer: Lilith_Arcana (0)
Athena's Owl Familiar
Athena's Owl Familiar
I look forward to working with this Owl. He will be my light in the darkness
10/13/2015 19:16:13
Buyer: theseventhsense (0)
Athena's Owl Familiar
Athena's Owl Familiar
Lovely familiar spirit, my wife felt him a bit before we got your email with his information. For her when she connects with him he has a strong presence but nothing overbearing or heavy, from his description and her impression of him she loves his personality and is looking forward to building her bond with him. She has felt him sitting on her head or shoulder for a few hours already and this is the first day of connecting with him. As for BluMoon8 as a seller they are fast (got conjure in under 24hr from buying) have great contact and are willing to answer any of your questions or concerns.
09/22/2015 01:22:51
Buyer: Bigpromt (2 )