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WA PORTAL with 5 gatekeepers:WARRIOR/Courtwind angel~Unicorn~Gryphon~White Dragon~Pegasus..925 silver beautiful moonstone pendant
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Main Category : Spirits
Additional Category : Paranormal Items
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WA PORTAL with 5 gatekeepers:WARRIOR/Courtwind angel~Unicorn~Gryphon~White Dragon~Pegasus..925 silver beautiful moonstone pendant
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Location : 55313, Minnesota
Country : United States
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Start Time : Jan. 27, 2013 15:52:47
End Time : Jan. 30, 2013 09:44:20
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Welcome!!This is a very very special piece and it is a FULL WA'S portal..capable of summoning and opening to any WA being or realm and has a full set of spells for spirit communications and protection..good luck etc..on it as all these portals do.This one is very very special to me..not only is it a stunning piece with amazing energy all on its own but it also holds 5 exceptional entities: a wonderful female COURTWIND/WARRIOR angel.. a male GRYPHON of almost 500 yrs.. a WHITE FEMALE DRAGON..sister of my own..small and cute but excellent at magicks at 1136 yrs.. Gentle FEMALE WHITE UNICORN of 897 yrs and a free spirited male PEGASUS of 746 yrs...all bound to one of the most beautiful stones i have ever seen...a huge beautiful moonstone set in .925 silver..a perfect portal stone and a great fit for all its gatekeepers too!!

This piece is also a portal and may be used for summoning or calling forth beings from this or other realms to you.

SUMMON:KHODAM-most watchers -light djinn(jann-gold-light marid..)angels-fae beings of all types(mermaids-gryphon-centaurs-fairies-pixies-brownies...elves.... etc..) of all types unicorns,pegasi and dragons and other creatures....ETC..and never rely on others for your purchases again!!

This a beautiful piece and even if you never opened the portal and summoned and other entity you have the best bound already to it!!
This is a full WA portal and has the ability to summon through any type of fairy..fae being..angel..dragon. creature and so forth and is cast with a full set of protection spells and communication spells also..i have also placed a few $$ spells too as a bonus!

It is capable of summoning most any WA'S being or creature..angel or fairy type also.(gryphons-unicorns-phoenix-fairies-elves-dragons of all light varities and colors- etc..)All spells to open and close this portal will be sent to the winner and the portal is safe for daily wear or it may even be left upon your altar for work in summoning or such.The 5 gatekeepers will guard this portal for you 24/7.. and always keep you safe while working with it.Other entities are available to add to this portal piece at an addtnl charge.The portal need never be opened if not desired and holds no harm or danger.
I have listed many of these such portals over the past year and so will not go into all it can do..most of you have read the listings before with the info on them.I have a few more upcoming ..some awaiting guardians bound for customization..some just ANGEL portal vessels.PLZ mssg me for more info if you want one customized for you..i have a variety of different styles of vessesl avail or you may send me your own for a reduced price...most all entities available for custom conjure also.

It is capable of summoning most any creature..angel or fairy type also.(gryphons-unicorns-phoenix-fairies-elves-dragons of all light varities and colors- etc..)All spells to open and close this portal will be sent to the winner and the portal is safe for daily wear or it may even be left upon your altar for work in summoning or such.They will always guard both you and this portal and never allow any malevolent beings through.

More pics:



Griffins also spelled gryphon, are rare creatures with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. The eagle's head usually has lion's ears and sometimes they are pictured without wings but they are all griffins…Because of their appearance they are thought to freely move between the physical and astral planes acting, creating a link to the divine. For this reason they can help to increase psychic abilities as well as bring manifestations from the unseen into the seen. This means wishes and spells work much faster and you have greater access to mysteries beyond this realm…Griffins are also fierce protectors, even more so than dragons. Their images have been for used for centuries to ward off evil. Griffins have been so revered in many cultures that they were used to protect royalty and the most powerful magickal items… They can protect anything that is highly valuable. They have the ability to stave off psychic and spiritual attacks like few other spirits can. They can bring balance and stability to relationships. ..In addition, Griffins are seen as highly medicinal in many cultures. They can increase health and vitality

A Gryphon or Griffin as it is sometimes spelled is an entity with the body of a lion and the head,wings and talons of an eagle and are often depicted on family crests and so forth due to their majestic appearance and nature.!There are absolutely NO drawbacks to these regal beings..only blessings and divine guidance!They bring immediate clearing of negative heavy energies and thoughts and their energy soars thru a breath of fresh mountain air.Their energy is vibrant and strong and completely benevolent and kind ...amazing or more easily heard than dragons or most other magickal beings.They will protect you form any evil of any kind and guard you and your family zealously.... a joy to know and have around..filled with an energy and a lightness of being that make you feel free and unrestricted.They are a rare creature that moves easily between the physical realm and the astral plane allowing for easy communication with the keeper and a strong connection with the Divine.This trait makes for faster wish granting and also EXTREME PROTECTION from any type of danger:Spiritual~Psychic and even Physical!They are often seen throughout history on family crests-flags/banners and the like as they are FIERCE GUARDIANS and extremely LOYAL to their companion bringing all manner of gifts to their keeper including:WEALTH and EXTREME LUCK~Wish Granting~PROTECTION from all forms of EVIL~LOVE~strong connection to the DIVINE and such mysteries~PHYSICAL HEALTH~Renewed PASSION for LIFE~Balance and Harmony~Time Travel-portal work and guardian-3rd eye assistance-lucid dreams - astral travel and all manner of BLESSINGS!I personally love gryphons and find their energy uplifting and a renewed sense of freedom and PURE LOVE filling my home and SOUL.All negativity is washed away and a sense of HOPE will fill you and all around you just by having a gryphon in your home.

This a sweet ,smart and talkative male gryphon..498 yrs old..large and tawny that has bright sunny energy who is a powerful wishgrantor and fierce protector too..i know you will love him..they are my all time favorites..he's another great one..called for me specifically to guard this portal by my own KING Gryphon.

This is a magnificent being and virtually no evil can stand against her.She has blue eyes..long blonde dark hair and wears a gold tunic and leggings with silver trim..silver tipped white wing and carries a silver sword.Her energy is bright strong confident and commanding but also gentle and warm to her new family.I really love these angels and she will be a mighty protector..banishing any and all evils around you and a voice of reason and guidance your life..guarding this and all you love 24/7.Courtwind Angel's are creatures of pure and everlasting beauty. Surrounded and fueled by the purest white light they are beacons of comfort, protection, joy, and the eternal thread that links man and God.

Warrior angels are wonderfully protective beings. All angels are great protectors but these angels are exceptional at this. They can fully block any type of attack physical, spiritual and psychic. They will not let any evil or negativity near you. They even carry swords which they use to literally cut negativity and evil out of your life…They also bring retribution and justice for any injustice brought against you. You don't have to wish for it as they will take the liberty of bringing retribution on their own. These angels are great for anyone who is in need of defense…Throne angels are the most powerfully protective angels there are but they do not seek justice and do not have the personalities of these angels…In addition the warriors are great companions and friends, looking after you in every way possible.
Angels are truly
benevolent astral beings that have
been helping making for centuries
Virtually every civilization on the planet has lore of angels visitations.
Miracles often seem to follow angel sightings. They make the impossible, possible.
The mere presence of angels brings an wonderful feeling of peace and calm. A euphoria of unconditional love
They are friends to the lonely, mighty protectors, healers of body mind and spirit, and even guide us in the right direction through life.
There are many different phylums of angels with different gifts. Each unique and beautiful in their own way.
Angels do not generally speak to humans like other astrals. They tend to be a quiet race but they can hear us talking to them. If by chance they do say something to you know it is of utmost importance and you should listen. Angels are always there helping in any way that they can.
Physical manifestations of angels can include, unexplained lights, and feeling extreme peace and love. The sound of rustling wings and actual apparitions have been seen. When the situation calls for it many angels have even manifested in human form to help their humans.
We all have angels around us. Some more than others but they are there. What I am offering to you is the chance to have a specific angel enter your life to be your companion. This angel will use their gifts to fill your life with love, peace, health and happiness.


Unicorns are one of the few creatures mentioned in the BIBLE and have been revered across cultures for all time.Everyone on this path should have at last one unicorn in their keep!!she is skilled in:PROTECTION from all evil or dk magick or beings-Visions-Telepathy-Astral Travel-MONEY-GREAT LUCK-LOVE-PEACE-HARMONY-JOY-Cleansing-Healing-Knowledge-Communication with all beings-Great Listening skills and patience- and the list goes on.She has the ability to draw into your life:LOVE-LAUGHTER-JOY-PEACE-COMPASSION for others-DIVINE GUIDANCE-HEALTH-HEALING-enhanced PSY ABILITIES-MAGICKAL SKILLS-PROTECTION and so many other positive blessings that i cannot begin to list..Kindness-Gentleness-Patience are all gifts she has in abundance and will pass along to you also.

Unicorns are the horned horse creatures of myths and legends. Their popularity is eternal and they are still as loved and revered as ever…These are wild creatures that cannot be tamed. They are proud and pure of heart. They must be bound willingly but once bonded with a human show unconditional love, peace, and comfort. Simply having one around can dispel negativity and provide a soothing, peaceful atmosphere…The spirit of the unicorn is brave and humble, traits that they can teach you. They are also loyal and aggressively protective.

She is a female..897 yrs of age..skilled in all light wishes and pure blessings/magicks..pure white in coloration with rare BLUE horn..feathered feet and about the size of a welsh pony(between a shetland pony and a horse in size).She is healing, calming and gentle but can also be very protective and as all unicorns filled with pure magicks!!


White Dragons are a unique form of Western Dragon. They are really powerful and smaller than most other dragons…These are excellent spirits that are associated with the element of AIR. They can still breathe fire of course but air is the element that they have an affinity for. This gives them great powers of inspiration and creativity. In fact, these dragons can work very similarly to a muse spirit, inspiring you in all areas…These magnificent beings are also well known for their affinity for magick. They know how to conjure and communicate with spirits, can do spells for you and even divine the future. These qualities are very helpful and can help you reach your full potential spiritually as well as making your life easier…Because of their air affiliation and their magickal abilities, these spirits make manifestations happen very quickly… Their appearance is very majestic and breathtaking though their size is small. These dragons are graceful and have an elegant way to them.

This a sister to my own white dragon female..she is small..cute and cuddly almost at only about 8 ft tall..stunningly beautiful and regal looking..pure white in color ..dark eyes and 1136 yrs old.Skilled in all magicks..friendly and kind and can adjust her size according to her surroundings to even fit within your home.She resides on the earth within this realm and is capable of a lot of manifestations just like her sister!!

They are loving but protective winged horses. These spirits are as easy to get along with as physical horses and can be quite good companions…They are noble creatures and should never be "tied down". They enjoy their freedom and should be allowed to roam outdoors whenever possible. They are used to flying into the heavens and they need a lot of space. So this spirit's new human should try to accommodate this as much as possible…A pegasus spirit can help you to get in touch with your own emotions. They are also fabulous listeners that never grow weary of hearing your problems. In addition, they can help you to fly high and "soar" above it all. The cares of the world will just melt away when you bond with a pegasus…Pegasus spirits are also closely associated with muses and can help to inspire you creatively. So if you've always wanted to write, paint, or otherwise create something they can help

This is a wonderful spirited and loves to fly..please take him out often to fly free at night by wearing or placing his vessel by a window!!He is PURE magick..kind and much like a horse in personality in that he is loyal and loving....pure white and 746 yrs old..just an amazing sight in flight!!

So to recap..there are 5 entities/gatekeepers bound to this beautiful large pendant that is also a portal vessel that allows you to summon your own entities as desired..cast with protection,communication,3rd eye spells and some bonus $$/good luck spells too!!WOW!!


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